Why the Simple Solution?
Guaranteed Service
We guarantee you can use every minute of the service you pay for. Unlike our competitors, we offer a unique feature to our service contracts. Many clients report that with other IT companies, if they do not use their allotted service hours, they lose them. We don’t need the “use it or lose it” policy to keep clients. In fact, we invite our customers to roll over any unconsumed service hours to the next month. This awards our clients built-in budget efficiency. It’s that Simple.
Immediate Help
Call one number, get a live human. Our dispatch system and behind the scenes support team goes to work immediately to track whatever resource or remedy you may need. It’s all seamless and painless. 24x7, you can be sure help is on its way. Simply reliable.
Multi-Platform Certified
You see them on the road, those hip little “Simple” Mobiles. They’re seriously fun, just like our techs. Each employee is chosen by Founder Sigi Valencia and put through a rigorous training process lead by
a Senior Engineer. Each Simple Solution Team is customized to specific client needs. Our techs are certified on every major platform, hardware and software. Customer Service is more than a concept at the Simple Solution, it’s our mission: ”Customers for Life”.


A One-Stop Resource
Making the Connections: What is the piece of your network that is most taken for granted? Your voice and data cabling. At the Simple Solution we understand how critical this framework really is to your network. We are C7 licensed and certified and can handle large network jobs with thousands of drops as well as small jobs. Whether its CAT5E, fiber or video, we are fast and efficient. Unlike companies that only do cabling, we make your corporate move simple, by providing comprehensive moving services for your office technology. We take cabling a few steps further and are equipped to go ahead and install all your servers and workstation set-up.
Making a Move
No matter what the distance we can coordinate your next office move. If you need cabling, we can provide fast and efficient service no matter what the size of your business network. Next we go the extra mile to install your server and workstation set-up. All without damage to your equipment or furniture. Let us handle your next office move. Call us for a quick and easy estimate from someone who knows cabling inside and out and what it takes to move a network.