Grow your Business
If you own the network, you own the problem. But shouldn’t you be doing something more important than chasing down the latest virus or hickey in your pipes? What productivity you manage to create in between tech “incidents” you more than waste by cruising the Yellow Pages looking for a Super Geek that will drop everything to come reboot your Nemesis. What if you could outsource to a reliable resource that you trusted, more than yourself, to ensure the productivity of your network?
The Answer is Simple. The Simple Solution.
Services Offered:
• Technology Audits and Planning
• Technology Procurement
• Server/Workstation Installation and Maintenance
• Switch/Router/Firewall Configuration & Maintenance
• Internet Connectivity Coordination
• Data Storage Management
• Remote Location Connection (WAN)
• Network Design and Implementation
• Disaster Recovery Evaluations, ensuring protection
of critical data
• Safe Computing Techniques: Hardware
redundancy and secure data back-ups
• Voice and Data Cabling— CAT6, Fiber and Video
• Corporate Technology Moves including cabling
from start to finish