Our approach
Whether you’re supplementing your corporate IT support, upgrading your IT power or maybe you
are a small business and don’t even know what equipment you have or need— we have an easy
and efficient solution for your business and it’s the SIMPLE SOLUTION.

We specialize in Network Design, Cabling, Implementation and Support for companies in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. Our goal is to increase your network performance through excellence in network reliability, productivity, efficiency and data integrity— all at an affordable, flexible and manageable cost. We are certified in a variety or platforms, hardware and software and are familiar with the variety of issues that multiple platforms can present. We pride ourselves on a high level of customer and employee retention. Our clients like the fact that we blend seamlessly into their culture and environment without disrupting the flow.
Just-in-Time Inventory
Large quantities of aging stocked items is not the way we do business. We special order the most current equipment for our clients and track it for you every step of the way.
Major Brand Certified
Your search has ended. At the Simple Solution (TSS) you get everything in one place. All your major brand networking, hardware and software; Microsoft, Novell, Citrix, Cisco and many others. We build, configure and support high performance servers and workstations optimized specifically for your environment. The more complex, the more value we can add. We want to Simplify the process— that’s what we do.
Simple Solution’s Headquarters— the natural habitat for happy techs and home to the famous fleet of those colorful Simple Solution “mobiles”
Unique Service Contracts
We can create a service plan that fits your company size, structure and business goals. Our unique differentiators, customer service and efficiency, are demonstrated by our Service Guarantee. Our service contracts walk the talk about customer delight. Here’s what’s great about them:
Sign up for a contract and what you don’t use you don’t lose. Each unconsumed service hour rolls over into a new month, allowing your hours to be used efficiently.
After the contract expires you have a full 6 months to use any remaining hours.
Enjoy the economies of scale, sign up for a contract and your hours are automatically discounted depending upon the contract level you select. Our service rates are competitive and flexible to meet your objectives.
Automatically included in your service contract are 2 hours per month for auditing and tuning up your network performance. This includes checking for hardware/software errors and verifying nightly data back-up routines.
Don’t have full time IT Staff? The Simple Solution (TSS) is the perfect outsourced resource. We are trained to understand the responsibility of ownership and partnership. Whatever works for you, full-time or part-time, weekly or monthly, we can “simply” step in to meet your needs.